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At Echo Valley Earthworks, we offer hardscaping, landscaping, and excavating services to transform your yard and bring your outdoor living space to life!

Paving Stones

Paving stones are a perfect option for backyard patios, walkways, driveways and firepits. With a wide range in colour, texture and shapes, the possibilities are endless for your yard. Their durability means years of enjoyment with little maintenance required.

Services Offered:

Patio & Walkway Design

Paving Stone Installation

Custom Firepits

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a very important structural component to your yard, but also work well to create raised garden beds or outdoor steps and seating. They can be used to level out the grade of a yard to maximize usable space for a variety of reasons from garden parties to extra parking. With many options, the colours, style and design can be tailored to your home and preferences.

Services Include:

Allan Block Walls

Seating Walls

Garden Walls

Natural Stone Walls


Landscaping can be as big or small of a project as you decide. Whether you're looking for a dream renovation and big changes, or a few minor bits and pieces needing a touchup, Echo Valley has you covered. 

Services Include:

Sod Installation

Edging Installation

Irrigation Installation 

New Landscape Construction



A full yard renovation from the ground up can completely refresh a home. Hardscaping could be a new patio, walkway, retaining wall or garden bed.

Echo Valley can build your dream project with access to small compact equipment, no yard is too big, or too small!


Services Include:
Decorative Walls & Garden Beds

Retaining Walls

Paths & Walkways 


Landscape Lighting

Spend more time enjoying your yard even with shorter days and darker nights. Low voltage lighting is brighter and more reliable than solar lights and can be installed with little effect on existing landscaping. Whether trying to light up a feature tree, backyard patio or brighten up a dark pathway, there's a modern or elegant solution for you. 

Service Includes: 

Lighting Orientation & Design

Pathway & Driveway lighting

Up & Down lighting



Echo Valley's civil and back country operating experience is top of the line with attention to detail and careful, precise work. Whether clearing a lot in preparation for building, or digging around existing structures or utilities, Echo Valley can help with any excavating project.

Excavator Service Includes: 

Utility Trenches & Drains

Driveways & Concrete/Footing Preparation

Site Grading & Drainage

Clearing Land, Fence Lines & Right of Ways

Removing or Adding Fill

Truck Services

The newest addition to the Echo Valley Earthworks fleet of vehicles is a single axel gravel truck!

Service Includes: 

Gravel and Soil Deliveries

Up to 7 tons per load

Hourly Trucking  

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